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PRODUCT   Samsung flat screen repair kit  

Originally developed by the Graffiti Research Labs, the LED Throwie is an inexpensive way to add light to any car, art, balloon, sign, decorations or metal surface. Originally designed to be used with a magnet more people are using double sided sticky tape to adhesive them to the objects they want to add bright lights or make glow. I've seen these at parties and people dance with them in their hand to create light movements in the dark. Really cool!

The most popular method is using a rare earth magnet called Neodymium Iron Boron to throw them against metal surfaces to make them stick and leave them to glow till the battery goes dead.

We sell all the supplies to make either LED Stickys or Throwies, choose from our assorted pack or solid color options. Each kit comes with batteries and LEDs. Magnets and Double sided sticky tape are optional. We sell these separately. We let you decide if you choose to use a magnet or double sided stick tape or maybe both. We make it available to you!

LED Throwie or Stickies Kit
Starting from: $4.99 per LED Kit
* 5mm Assorted LEDs
* LEDs are shock resistant
* CR2032 coin cell batteries
* Add a Magnet or Double sided sticky tape
The instructions are simple:

1. Place the CR2032 3v lithium battery between the legs of the LED
2. Please tape around the battery and legs of the LED to secure together
3. Decide to use a rare earth magnet or double sided sticky tape
4. For magnets, wrap tape around the magnet and battery to secure together

Coming Very Soon!
Hobby Mods 2-5 delivery with in the USA
  • 10mm LED Throwie Kits
  • LED Blinky Throwie Kits
Caps are leaking on board
Repair bad caps on power board
Samsung flat screen repair kits
Repair kits for plasma and lcd tv
LED Throwies Kits available
Throwies used with magnets on
LED Throwie on magnet dry erase
LED Throwie on board with
dry erase board with light on.
board with lights dimmed down
Lights totally out in the room
Starting at $6.99

Our kits contain 5mm clear lens LEDs for a crisp clear color. We use 3v lithium coin battery know as CR2032 coin batteries or computer batteries. We also have the CR2025 3v lithium batteries if you need a lite weight battery (these are sold separately).

Magnets, LED kits, and SUPPLIES  

LED kits available
* 5pcs LED Throwie kit
* 10pcs assorted color LED Throwie kit
* 25pcs assorted colos LED Throwie kit
* 100pcs assorted color LED Throwie kit

Coin cell Batteries and Magnet
* CR2032 3 volt lithium coin cell battery
* CR2025 3 volt lithium coin cell battery (lighter weight)
* Super strong magnets N42 Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets
* Double Sided Sticky Tape

This was really cool how the LED Throwies kit light up the room and the frame on the dry erase board. The Mum is in the room because we plan on adding the LED throwie lights to make it glow for my daughters Homecoming this year.
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