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PRODUCT   Samsung flat screen repair kit  
LCD Monitor / Flat Screen Repair Kits

So you’re considering repairing your own LCD monitor instead of throwing it away? Hobby Mods offers over 100 repair kits for top brand named monitor manufactures like Samsung, Acer, HP, and Dell,. Our kits contain high quality replacement capacitors you’ll need to fix your flat screen monitor. Our component kits contain manufactures that have a great reputation in the electronics industry like Panasonic, Nichicon, and Unitied Chemi-con. There’s no reason to throw away a broken monitor anymore. If you have soldering experience or you’re in the repair business Hobby Mods kits can help you save time and money by offering you pre-packaged solutions. We offer the Quick Fix Supplies of solder wire and desolder braid.

All capacitors are not the same size because they’re rated the same in voltage and value. Other vendors kits contain the same values but the capacitors may be larger in size when replacing a cap, causing you more problems and down time.

We’ve taken the time to research the voltage, value, temperature, and size of each capacitor before introducing our kits. Our time invested provides you the highest possible voltage and temperature range with same or smaller capacitor body size to ensure the best fit to any power supply or inverter board. All of our kits contain capacitors with an operating temperature range of -55 to 105 degreeC”. This is a wider range than generic parts.

Monitor Repair Kits as low as $4.99
Flat Screen Repair Kits includes
  • Replacement capacitors
  • Solder wire Sn60/Pb40
  • Copper desoldering braid
  • 2) 6" Cleaning swaps
  • Static shielded packaging

All Hobby Mods' components and kits are stored in an air conditioned storage facility not a warehouse. This helps keep the integrity of our components by limiting the amount of heat the replacement components are exposed to each day.

Order Your REPAIR KIT or Just order the capacitors you need today!

Caps are leaking on board
Repair bad caps on power board
Samsung flat screen repair kits
Repair kits for plasma and lcd tv
This cap is bulging and shows signs
The tops shows leakage and bulging
Signs of leakage on top of two caps
The tops of the capacitors should be
Bad Caps make the monitor go blank
notice the black on tops of bad caps
flat but these two are rounded upwards
of leakage on top
LCD Repair kit available for:   Available Tools:
  • AOC
  • ACER
  • BenQ
  • CTX
  • Daewoo
  • Dell
  • Envision
  • Gateway
  • Hanns
  • HP (Hewlett-Packard)
  • Optiquest
  • Samsung
  • Sceptre
  • Viewsonic
  • Westinghouse
  • and many more..
We have a wide selection of electrolytic high temperature capacitors available and in stock! As low as $0.19 per capacitor!
Hobby Mods 2-5 delivery with in the USA
  Here's a great video to show you how to identify and repair a basic LCD flat screen monitor. Simple for the DIY individual with basic soldering experiance.    
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